Thinking of remodeling or "right size" your home? 

Right sizing is defined here as selling your home for a home that fit 's your current needs. For example (increase number of bedrooms, more bathrooms, or down sizing your home, you may need a single level verses a two story home )  there are several factor's why people move or look at remodeling.
Over the years, you’ve likely invested countless dollars into your property to adjust to your changing family needs. In fact, if you’re like most homeowners, you probably consider your home to be a work-in-progress, no matter how much work you’ve done on it.

You may decide that you’d like to renovate or you may decide it’s time to find a different home to suit your needs.

As your real estate professional, I welcome the opportunity to make sure those needs are fulfilled.

To make a more informed decision and find out after the proposed renovation what your home is worth, if done by a professional

Facts to consider:
1. Time and money for the renovation.
2. How the renovation will effect your lives while you are living in the house.
3. Is the house the "right fit or size" for your family, or would it be cheaper and or easier to buy a different house?
4. Let me help you determine the cost differences before you complete a major renovation or repair.

The decision is ultimately yours, I am here to help you consider all the facts and ask you questions you may not have thought of. This is a free no obligation service to help you make the best decision for your family and budget.

Give me a call at (626) 869-7464 if I can be a resource for you and your family.

Please let me know when we can talk if you are interested
in comparing options for remodeling vs buying a different home. If you let me know you are interested in a comparison on our first phone call I will be able to prepare and give you the best service.

(I am not a contractor and bids may be recommended to get a true estimate and comparison)
Home improvement average spending per room break down according to the U.S. Census. pdf

Seller's Take Advantage of the Current Record Low Interest Rates

On the seller’s side, now is the best time to sell your house at top dollar in the least amount of time, because of the low inventory and the current amazing interest rates. For example, if you are a seller that bought property between 2005 and 2008, while you may not get back what the property was worth at its peak, you may be able to break even. It is possible to find a property at a better value with a much lower interest rate, which is all to your advantage.

Find out what your home is worth?

Selling your current home and transitioning to a new place can be a challenge, let me put my passion and years of experience to work for you to ease this transition.

Helpful tips for seller's

1. Five quick tips to improve the desirability of your home (Click pdf)

2. Sellers - Home Staging Tips  (click pdf)

3. Why hold an "Open House?  (click pdf) 

4. Tips for staging your home by ERA (click pdf

To view the below tips you will need a pdf reader - yours may have it.  If not Adobe Reader -- the free, PDF files reader can be download hear.

Seller tools

To find the median sales price by zip code or address.
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