Steps For Setting Up Your Re/Max free App!

I would love to help you when you have questions on anyhouse your near!  Yes any house listed I can get you the information quickly. Would you like to see the inside of the house? Great Set your  app up (2 easy step below) and send a note  with your app you would like to schedule a showing ASAP (or dates and times your available) ! This will send me a note the house information and MLS #.

(Set your Remax app!  For faster service see easy to follow step below)

Download the app from Apple(iTunes) or Google (google play) by searching for REMAX.   Open the app, select the menu and find field to enter your agent Key ( enter 04933683)  at the bottom of the list. If you have problems please contact me.

Step 1:  Select the menu (see photo)

Step 2 Scroll to the bottom and enter agent key 04933683 
(see photo below)

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